The Product

ArchBar Climber Trellis Mesh

Where both wall and plant become one

Product Benefits Applications Advantages

    ArchBar Climber Trellis Mesh (CTM) is a 3 dimensional galvanized welded wire trellis system, industrially powder coated black, that creates both a vertical and espaliated green wall.

    The CTM allows the transformation of a blank concrete or masonary wall, fence, or your own border or facade into a soft textured vine and flower covered, seasonally varying surface, known as a green wall.

    ArchBar Climber Trellis Mesh comes in standard dimensions of 2233mm x 1220mm panels size, consisting of a 50mm x 50mm apertured grid with a 50mm depth between front and rear mesh sections. Specific sizes of both aperture,depth and perimetered panel sizes may be manufactured pending on volume.

    The CTM is designed to be both free-standing and wall or fence mounted.

  • Improves aesthetics providing visual relief in both dense urban and rural living.
  • Privacy Screening.
  • Contributes to efficient water use ecology.
  • Increased energy efficiency through shading of a building surface, resulting in energy costing.
  • Surround cooling, therefore decreasing a buildings surface temperature by deflecting radiant temperature (Heat Island Effect).
  • Insulative cooling within close demographic location.
  • Innovation in design.
  • Deterrent of graffiti.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint within today's society and environment.
  • Improvement of air quality.
  • Reduction of noise - Acoustic attenuation (sound proofing barrier).
  • Green Roof gardens.
  • Increase of property value.
  • Provide natural habitats - Biophilia (Wellbeing).
  • Protection of building or fence facade.
  • Facade to hide 'eye sores'.

    ArchBar CTM is ideal for:

  • Small Gardens.
  • Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Large commercial sites (carparks, schools, walkways etc)
  • Both private and public sector.
  • Freeway barriers.

    Why ArchBar CTM and not other associated products?

  • 3 dimensional, extremely strong and rigid yet still light weight.
  • Galvanized - the pre galvanized, black powder coated CTM outwears any timber trellis system, that normally requires replacing within 5 years due to water entrapment.
  • Being 3D, the plant grows both vertically and also espaliates - Tendrils of the chosen plant self feed and cling to the 3D structure. Whereas a single sided mesh the tendrils require constant training and continually need to be attended to until the plant/vine has matured to a state of self management in both vertical and horizontal growth.
  • The result of using ArchBar CTM is a quicker, more dense foliage spectrum (depending on plant/vine choice) compared to a single strand mesh.